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Levels of Support :
Apart from providing dedicated server we also provide the managed support to the client and in managed support there are three levels that are involved in any server management activity.

Level 1
This is done closest to the hardware. It requires physical presence at the datacenter. Activities such as installing the machine at the datacenter, configuring the initial remote management utilities, configuring IP addresses, binding IP addresses, configuring networking options, configuring Switches, hubs and routes, Load balancing configurations etc.

Level 2
This involves all tasks related to installation and configuration of software. This could be installing the operating system, Web server, Database, configuring various parameters to optimize performance and initial configuration to get the particular application up and running.

Level 3
This involves all tasks related to using any particular software application. Tasks like adding a virtual host to Apache/IIS, or adding a MySQL/MS SQL database, adding a MIME Type for Specific programming support, troubleshooting particular software etc.

Level 1 Support is free with each Dedicated Server. Level 2 and Level 3 support maybe charged on a case-by-case basis.