Android (Duration 2 months) Pre-requisite: Core Java, XML

Mobile Computing, Android basics and architecture, Android UI, Activities, Intents, Services, Broadcast receivers, Content Providers, User interactions, Networking, Multimedia, Animation, Maps and location services, SQLite, Sensors, Deployment, App Market,

Core Java (Duration 2 months) Pre-requisite: C Programming

Java Language basics, Objects and classes, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Interfaces, Exception handling, Generics, Collection, I/O, Multithreading, Swing and AWT, JDBC,

JavaServer Faces (JSF) (Duration 1 month) Pre-requisite: WCD

Introduction to JSF, JSF Standard Components, Dependency Injection, JSF lifecycle, Navigation and Events, Datatable and primefaces, Security,

Web ComponentDevelopment (WCD) (Duration 2 months) Pre-requisite: Core Java, HTML, XML

Basics of Web Technology, Introduction to J2EE Framework, Writing Servlet Applications, Session Management, Application and Session Events, JSP Basics, JSP Custom Tags, JSTL & EL, Security implementation,

Hibernate Framework (Duration 1 month) Pre-requisite: WCD

Introduction to Hibernate, Object Relational mapping, Inheritance Mapping, Mapping Collection, Persistence Classes, HQL, Caching,

Business Component Development (EJB) (Duration 1 month) Pre-requisite: WCD

Need of EJB, Session Beans, JPA, JPQL, Message Driven Beans, Transactions in EJB, Timer services,

Struts Framework (Duration 1 month) -WCD

Introduction to Struts, MVC, AOP DI & IC, Configuration, Action and subclasses, Validators, Interceptors, Struts Tag Lib, Data tags,

Programming in C (Duration 1.5 months) Pre-requisite-Computer Fundamentals

Fundamentals of programming, Declarations, variables and initializations, Controls and Loops, Functions, Pointers, Arrays, Strings, Structure, Unions and Enumeration, File I/O, Preprocessor,

Programming in C++ (Duration 1 month) Pre-requisite-C Programming

Introduction to OOP Concepts, Functions, Classes, Operator Overloading, Inheritance, Polymorphism, File I/O, Exception handling, STL,

C# Programming (Duration 2 months) -C++ Programming

Language Basics, Introduction to .Net Framework, Object Oriented Concepts, Collections, Delegates, Events, IO, Threading, Win Form, Form Controls, Advanced Controls, ADO.Net, Custom Controls,

ASP.Net MVC (Duration 1 month) -ASP.NET

Introduction to MVC, MVC Fundamentals, View Fundamentals, Validation, Routing, Mapping, Data access, Deployment

ASP.Net (Duration 1.5 months) Pre-requisite: C# Programming

Web Programming basics, Basic Server Controls, Advanced Server Controls, State Management, Master Pages, Themes, Data Access, Navigation, Web Custom Controls, Web Parts, Security, Deployment

WPF (Duration 1.5 months) Pre-requisite: C# Programming

Basics of WPF, Layouts, Styles, Commands, Shapes, Brushes, Transforms, Data Binding, Templates, Custom Controls, Drawing 2d, Triggers, Animation

Oracle SQL (Duration 2 months) Pre-requisite: C Programming

Select Statements, Sorting, Functions, GroupFunctions, Sub queries, DDL, Views, Sequences, Regular Expressions

Oracle PL/SQL (Duration 1.5 months) Pre-requisite: Oracle SQL

PL/SQL basics, Variables & statements, Control structure, Cursors, Exception handling, Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Packages, Large Objects, Dependencies,



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