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10 Golden Rules

At the moment you may very well be running a successful business without a website, but unfortunately that's no guarantee of future success. Times change and the ability to adopt new technology is a key sustainable competitive advantage for any organisation. When the telephone was first introduced, many people and businesses were sceptical, but today no one could imagine running a business without one. The internet is a technological revolution on the same scale. Here's the top ten reasons your business needs a website:

1. Access to Your Business 24/7
Your business is never closed.

2. Internet Customers 
Increasingly customers use the internet to search for suppliers or service providers.

3. Instant 
At a moments notice potential customers can access details about your business online.

4. Up-to-Date 
Unlike brochures, flyers and your ad in the yellow pages, a website can be updated at minutes' notice.

5. Detail
A website allows you to provide a lot of detail about your business at a fraction of the cost of print media.

6. Cost 
Compared to most other marketing tools a website is incredibly cost-effective.

7. Time Saver 
People will no longer need to phone you for directions, address details, opening hours, etc.

8. Geography 
A website expands your catchment area.

9. Image 
The fact that you have a website presents your business as being professional and modern.

10. Saving Face 
People can research your products before visiting your premises - no risk of losing face by lack of knowledge.

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